If you are reading this either you most likely are another Michael Whitt or someone that goes by mlwhitt and Googled your name.  That or you came across one of my amazingly witty and intellectual postings.  Okay, maybe not so much the latter.

I am from Western Kentucky in the good ole U.S. of A.  I most likely who you would imagine being from Western Kentucky if you are going to be stereotypical, which you shouldn’t but you know you are going to be.  I am a stocky, read fat but luckily not short enough to be completely round bald-headed redneck.

And no I don’t have a Dixie flag.  Not that I care either way.  I do respect the Stars and Stripes as well as the Gadsden Flag, though not the latter in the way it is portrayed in the media.  Look up the history behind it and the Live Free or Die birth of the nation if you don’t understand what I mean.

While yes the folks in my neck of the woods love their Cats, Cardinals and Titans I am not a sports fan. I prefer non-team sports to be quite honest except in trivia, (wink for all the sports fans on my trivia teams in the past or future).  I used to like to run, even ran in a few 5 and 10k back a dozen years or so ago.  However health issues no longer allow me to do so.

I guess aside for location defining me, I would say I am a Father, Husband, and Geek that is into pretty much all things Sci-Fi/Fantasy or Electronic.  I used to be a gamer though now not near as much, once again due to health problems. I worked for decades in the IT field having done a little of it all though spent the majority of my time in support.  I like to code as well having worked my way up from BASIC, through Pascal then C++ and on into web languages but these days I stick mostly to Python for fun.

Lastly I define myself as a person with Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed back in 2015 and someone with chronic migraines.  Unfortunately if is those two issues that I have struggled with increasingly since 2015 and have yet to find a real improvement on.  I may go stretches of time without posting depending on how I feal.

I like to vent.  I am not good on remembering to keep a diary.  No longer good at remembering period unless it is old stuff.  I can recall stupid details of old 80s TV shows but can’t recall something recent without a bit of a pause. I also prefer to type it, post it and then go back and edit and proof hopefully before anyone ever reads whatever I post.

I do tend to say and often type the first things that come to mind, even if the context I use them in aren’t what I was going for.  I try to be a laid back guy and try not to go ape-nuts over something someone says or post.  I may not agree with everyone, but you have a right to say your peace as do I.  We just both need to realize that often in the real world and even more in the digital world things get lost in the translation.

Lastly if you are a grammar nut, might want to avoid this blog.  I do have command of the English language, I promise, just take a Laissez-faire approach to posting.  Aw, look at what I did there, used a French word to talk about English.